Prophetic Word – A New Door

prophetic word a new door

This prophetic word is titled A New Door.  This is based on a vision and then the prophetic word of the Lord.  This is a 2 part word.

There is another encounter and dream that comes before this one.  Here is Part 1 – Mud and Marble Rye

To give you some context,  I was interceding about the vaccine and the church.  We have all entered through a new door.  This is a new window of time.  We are all either vaccinated or unvaccinated.  You’re either in one camp or the other. Left or right.  We don’t have another choice…or so I thought.

Revelation 4:5 says there’s lightning and rumbling around the throne of God so when you operating from the throne room you can see and hear at the same time.  Actually, all of your spiritual senses are activate.

I was interceding for the church based on what I shared in Part 1 and then the Lord start speaking as I was seeing the vision….

The Beginning of the vision

I see us coming through a New Door.  It was like we were coming out of a dark place and there was this very large well lit door as we stepped through the door people were going to the left or to the right.  One way was vaccinated and the other unvaccinated.  It is irrelevant at this point which group was heading in which direction.  As I came through the door, I am now thinking to myself I wonder which way is really the correct way to go?

Then Spirit of the Lord starts speaking

You shouldn’t go left or right, the way is up.  It is not left or right.  The ones who go up, these are the ones that are moving by My Spirit and I will take them higher as they go up into the Spirit.  As you go up you will be elevated in the realm of the spirit to see what is clearly going on at the ground level.  You will be equipped for all the things that I have planned for you ahead.

I brought Abraham to a place where he was separated from Lot and it was only then that he could see all the inheritance.  Lot chose left or right.  When Abraham came up I showed him all that he would inherit.  As you move higher you will get a good look at the land.  No more mud on your eyes.  From this vantage point you will see your inheritance very clearly.  You will be able to lay hold of it.  Because you will not be going through the muck and the mire and the trees and the weeds on the ground.  You will access it from the heavenly realm.  This land that I am giving to you will not require any work.  It has been laid up for you as an inheritance. No more toiling and laboring for it.  That season has ended.  It is a good land and I did it for you. 

There are angels assigned to get you to your land.  As I said to the Israelites, don’t provoke the angels.  Wherever they are showing you to go there you need to go.  It is a good place.  A fertile place.  You will be overwhelmed by the blessing.  You will stand amazed that this place even existed.  You won’t believe it.  This is an endless place.  There’s no end to it. 

This land will have your name on it.  There will be no fighting between your brothers and sisters for the land.  Your portion has been allotted to you.  Your inheritance is secure.  Much like the Israelites had an allotted land.  You will not need to fight for territory.  What is yours is yours.  No one else can have what is yours.  Your land is being guarded by angels that have been assigned to you.

As you obediently come up, you will see what I have for you.  Don’t go left or right or stay on the ground.  Come up higher. Come up higher.  The higher you go the more you can see. 

You will have the ability to take bigger steps because you are moving by the spirit.  Large steps.  Giant steps. From the ground the only steps you can take are the distance of your legs.  From the heavenly realm you are able to move in a straight line instead of going around corners, through hills and valleys.  The distance from here is much shorter.

Scriptures:  Genesis 13, Joshua 13-22, Deuteronomy 11:11-21, Exodus 23:20-33, Revelation 4:1-2

Back into the vision which will clarify some of what the Lord said…

When He said “come up here” and I went up I now had the vantage point of seeing things from a higher viewpoint.  I had God’s perspective.  I look far out.  The higher I went up is the further I could see.  I am looking out and it was truly an endless land. Limitless.  As  I look out, I see that there are different sections with lush green lands, waterfalls, and gold – coins and gold bars.  There are different sections and each area has been allotted to a different person.  It felt like the partition of the land to the different tribes as they moved into the promised land.

It is a predetermined place for each person.  That means that nobody will be able to take what is yours.  It has your name on it.  I saw names over specific areas.  There’s no need to fear that someone is able to come and snatch what belongs to you.  That may have happened in Egypt or perhaps in the wilderness, not in this place.  Yes, there are angels assigned to walk you into that land.  Their specific purpose is to get you to your designated inheritance.  They will not allow anyone else in there but you.  Don’t provoke the Angel. Exodus 23:20-33

As I look down I see that the people who went left and right have weeds they need to get around, the weeds are very high and as such snakes on the ground, they have to climb over rocks and other obstacles. I saw what looked like labyrinths where some got lost and it will take them a much longer time to get where they need to go.  They are discussing among themselves how to get out. A lot of backtracking to find the correct way out when they realized they made a wrong turn. Listening to the wrong voices.  They have different enemies that they have to face and fight on the ground.  There are a lot of muddy patches so there’s mud that sometimes got on the face and eyes of the people and they were unable to see clearly where they were going.  From my view point, there was no opposition.  There is no warfare when you go up.  No warfare.  Because you are able to see the plot of the enemy and you can navigate with ease.  Absolutely no plans of the enemy were able to succeed from this vantage point. I had the ability to take one giant step and move with ease into another section of this land.  So I could navigate large areas just by taking one step.  I would take one step and take a closer look at some areas. One move can put you in the correct position.  It felt like in one year I could get to where I needed to go while those on the ground were battling through years to get to their destination.  I knew instinctively that they would find their way eventually but it would just take so much longer.  They would be worn out and tired by the time they reach their designated inheritance. It was their choice.

Some of the things that I saw in the different territories were new things.  It had people’s names over it. This was not the wealth transfer, even though the wealth transfer is real.  This was something different.  In essence, there was a wealth transfer when the Israelites entered the promised land because they dispossessed the enemy to take the land.

What I was looking at here was something completely different. There are those that will get wealth that is new.  It has been supernaturally created by the Lord.  This is going to come through new ideas, new inventions, it is something new, new discoveries, gold, oil, precious minerals found in the ground.  People moving into territories and the riches are under their feet already just waiting to be discovered.  They will be the original owners.  It’s not something that was owned by someone else before. Brand spanking NEW!  Some of the things we’ve never seen or heard of before.

It just gave a whole new meaning to the scriptures “Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.” (Isaiah 43:19)  I will never look at that scripture the same again.

Ways in the wilderness and rivers in the desert is actually supernatural.  That’s what God was talking about.  Something you have never seen before.  Like the burning bush that wasn’t consumed by fire.  Supernatural.

New, never been seen before.  With your name on it.

Definition of new:

not existing before; made, introduced, or discovered recently or now for the first time.

I think supernatural because I believe God is just going to place things in places for people to find.  (Isaiah 45:3) “I will give you the treasures of darkness And hidden wealth of secret places, So that you may know that it is I, The LORD, the God of Israel, who calls you by your name.”
Interesting thing is that many people will walk right past it but YOU will have the eyes to see it.  He called you to it by your name.  It’s in darkness because it is obscure.  Hidden for you. And you will find it because you came up higher.  You didn’t stay on the ground to get that mud on your eyes so you can see it clearly.  Some of you will think to yourself “is this for real?”  because you will be thinking if it was real surely someone would’ve discovered it already.  But No!  Your eyes are now clear and the mud on their eyes prevent them from seeing it.  God saved it just for you. This will be so simple and yet so completely outside of the box.

Very simple things that others wouldn’t think you could make a business or money from that.  So simple.  But He will give you the ideas and you’ll be the first one doing it.  New.


How do you go up?

It’s simple.  You need to cut off all the voices.  News, social media, experts, too many prophetic voices leading people into idolatry and deception,  Even this website, if that is what God is showing you, and go directly to Him.  I’ve been telling you this now for over a year, at least.  But these are crucial times and as far as I can see, you don’t have a choice at this point.  None of us have a choice.  Things are about to get worse and you will actually start to feel the mud and weeds.  But remember there is another option, UP.



Holy Spirit, I pray that as we obey by going up you will begin to remove the mud from our eyes.  We pray for clarity of vision.  We pray for eyes to see and ears to hear what You are saying in this hour.  Guide us and put a check in our spirit when we start coming down.  The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.  Strengthen our spirit and show us how to bring our soul, mind and body under subjection to our renewed spirit. Cause us to soar like eagles.  Send angels to block our way when we are going off track or taking the wrong path.  Lead us into our allotted inheritance, in Jesus name, Amen.

If you don’t know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you need to really think about taking this step.  You can’t go Up without Jesus.  He is the door, the Way.  Find out more here.

This is not the end.  It is just the beginning.


24 thoughts on “Prophetic Word – A New Door”

  1. Glory to God! Thank you MOP for writting the article. You have encourage me to stay focus and go up. God has reveal many things to me as I am going up up and up. His been speaking to me about spirit of deception that is going to destroy our nation Indonesia such as issues from vaccine, terorist, politic, etc if the body of Christ are not seeking God all the way up aka be still and focus on Him. 🙏🙌🌏

    My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. John 10:27 NIV

  2. Thank you for your obedience and love for God. A year ago as I was meditating and concerned about the messages and prophecies that were so prevalent with heavy political content and the virus on social media. God gave me the phase “Seek Up” during that time. I had to stop looking and listening to the news, people and media, and focus on going and growing deeper in the things of God.
    It’s so disturbing how we the church and our spiritual leaders (left or right) have developed this mix of the world’s thinking with biblical truths. Opinions have taken the forefront of what we think, believe and feel about who God is and what He stands for. In Bible study the other night we discussed how easily we can be deceived and the importance of us focusing on what His word actually proclaims. It is so easy to get sucked into listening and watching the news, social media and have political and vaccination conversations. We must be diligent to avoid the traps.
    I thank the Lord for opening your eyes, you receiving His truth and your ability to reach so many. This has been my prayer, that eyes, ears and hearts would be open and God would use those in ministry with large followings to bring His truth to the body of believers who unknowingly are believing half truths and lies of the enemy.
    This is an answer to my prayer. Praise be to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
    Thank you for this important and timely message. May it go viral…
    God Bless,

    1. This ministry has been a blessing. Praying and hoping as God provides, me and my husband and family would be able to support for this God given ministry. Keep up the good work for God’s glory 🙂

  3. All I can say is WOW! Thank you for being the voice of God to those who can’t hear him especially me. May God continue to bless you and reveal himself and his plans to you and teach you to teach us the WAY.

  4. Such rich words spoken here. Judgement is ever so present in the heavenly realm. Court is in session, we are seeing before our eyes HIS Justice prevailing over the saints. It is a matter of crying out to Yeshua and walking humbly touching shoulders with Christ at all times trusting we have the angels protection. If we lose touch it is us who drift, our Lord is ever present.

    Learning humility of spirit offers our senses to enhance, hearing and seeing His hand on everything even if it is difficult. I have found the incredibly difficult trials are the very things that teach us the foundations. EPH 3 “that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith—that you . . . may have strength to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God”

    My mom passed at the age of 96 in 2021, she always said this life is a testing ground. I understand this and i also understand He never gives us more than we can handle. Often times I ask him if He sees me as a giant, because it is too heavy. Yes, he does…. Then i stand tall, I am in my Fathers arms knowing i am safe.

    My 40 year old son Abram is ‘suffering’ from mental affliction, God and the angels are always moving on his behalf. He was gifted with a genius mind, accomplished much in life. As he matured much like Job the enemy worked to thwart that which God had ordained . He is very kind man, he was raised by a God fearing Mama who taught the depths, and God promised theses truthful words will not return void. BUT GOD..

    In the past four years the demons have manifested to bring destruction upon him He has lost everything and became homeless and very close to death. Stripped of his dignity , he became like a holocaust victim. Recently we found him and he is now getting help and healing. We all see so many young people bound up as such in these last days, the hospitals are filled . God and His angels are clearly present and fighting the battle. We know the battle is won but it still rages. We are learning first hand about the ‘principalities of darkness’ and how to combat with the body of believers. Those that truly walk by His spirit clad in faith, offering prayers and fasting, we are called to this just as our ancestors were. This kind only come out with prayer and fasting.

    As we thwart the enemy , stand in the gap for the youth we believe we will see with the saints, Abram’s freedom and many others freedom to walk in their purposes for God’s glory.

    So blessed to find deeper fellowship here. Your prophetic words are truth . Few and far between do we find this, many falsities roaming the earth, So THANK YOU for using your time for HIS GLORY. We will dance on the streets of heaven soon together.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing R Cat. Such depth in your understanding of who He is. Condolences to losing your mom this year. I pray your son will find complete freedom from his struggle and he will be one to help others who are in a similar situation. Blessings

    2. Hello R Cat,

      Thank you for sharing your experience. Something about it touched me for various reasons when I read it initially, but only felt led to respond in writing today. I have also lifted your son in prayer and he reminds me of a dream titled “A Resurrected Sheep” that I shared in the article “Pray for the boys” or a title similar to that. To be quite honest, I had to look at your name a number of times to ensure that I didn’t know you as your son’s name is very similar to another that I know with a slightly similar yet different story. The Resurrection and Life ( John 11:44) is at work, be encouraged!


  5. Thanks a lot for this powerful message it has really come at my proper time. It was yesterday morning that I was drawn to look at some communication in my prophetic journal and I found where in a vision I was being taken from a Nissan public service vehicle to a bus, then in the process I saw a big white paper placed over the surface of the Earth but it’s ends was not put together and I was in one of the ends. Then a voice said that people are not yet enough. So as I was prayerfully meditating on this, my attention was drawn to Psalms 110:3 “your troops will be willing on your day of battle , Arrayed in holy splendor your young men will come to you like dew from the morning’s womb”. So I was shown that there is a need to go deeper with the Lord, and am still working on the message if it is ready I would like to send it to you if possible, I’ve mentioned It because I can see a bit of some similarity here.
    However With all due humility, just a bit of clarification in regard to.
    “Going up” should it be a life cause of prayer, or is it in a certain given time frame of prayer, or is it a prayer fast, or is it to increase the intimacy with the Lord, Taking into account the cutting off of the said voices.?

    1. Hi Matthew, this is just your personal time with the Lord. It’s getting into His presence which can be any time of the day. The key is for us to go to Him for our answers and stop relying on a “middle man” or those around us to provide answers for things we don’t know. It is because we are listening too many voices instead of His why we are in such a mess in the church. His way is so much higher than our ways. Blessings

  6. Thank you for your obedience in delivering this message , this has been my question whole week to God about the vaccine and I haven’t felt peace and all he been saying is keep your eyes focused on me and do you trust me .

    1. Amen! Yes, don’t allow anyone to intimidate you, put you in fear or try to control you into making any decision when you have no peace about it. Wait on the Lord for an answer. If you get to the place where you have a deadline to make a decision 1 Corinthians 10:13 says He will provide a way out for us when we ask Him so we don’t fall into sin. This is not so much about should you or should you not take the vaccine, this is all about obedience to the Lord.

  7. This ties in with the word the Lord gave me yesterday. He also reminded me of the prophetic word of the Ibex climbing the dam to get the precious minerals it needs. He reminded me to stay on track because the Reward is in the climb so I should come up higher with him.

  8. I remember when talking to God about vaccines vs non-vaccines…..and seeing so many friends arguing one side or the other and I was asking God for the answer…. I came across Joshua 5:13-15 and that greatly resonated with my spirit. He is not on either side, it is I that must be for God and He is high above this mess. Rising up with Him is the answer! Stand on that Holy ground with Him. I want to step into the promised land He has for me. I’ve had a crochet business online for almost 10 years….I believe my biggest issue has been lack of self esteem, fear of man. God has shown me the wrong thought patterns I’ve had…how when I give into these thoughts, I allow the enemy to mess with me mentally and can go into depression and am unable to do anything, even though God has gifted me greatly artistically. The enemy has been right there anytime I’ve tried to step out of my comfort zone and face my fears, something has always happened to reinforce the fear. Rejection has been a stronghold and I have watched it on repeat, my husband has even noticed it. Through out my life I have felt invisible so much that people have run into me while walking through a room. I have known that it is spiritual but not always aware on how to fight it and I’ve not always known what I was fighting. I see God’s hand of protection throughout my life. And in this darkness of rejection I have found His presence more beautifully than I’ve ever experienced it. I continue to learn that I need to have grace with myself. To quickly forgive myself and not get stuck in that trap of shame which just makes me spiral downward. With God as my mighty counselor, I have shortened those reactions from a month of downward spiral to a day or 2 and sometimes just a few moments. To say the battle is in your mind is one thing, to begin to fight the battle is another. To start believing that I can make the enemy flee as a believer in Christ…. and that God has given me the tools, and I have witnessed the fleeing of a spirit of depression that was heavy on me then left. Here a split second, gone the next. But then it came back and I almost forgot how to get rid of it again. I just had to pray. Then more comes, the enemy doesn’t want to lose the hold he has had on me my entire life. Not just that, but then I can share with others to battle, so of course he doesn’t want to let me go. To learn about humility being a key, that God is the one who does it all and that He lets me have an active part. Just wow! He made me a crier and the enemy wants it to be a cry of depression and oppression but God wants my tears to be for joy of dancing in His presence and as I dance to make waves of breaking free those captives of darkness. Darkness that has been so thick and real to me, so devastating to my family and so many out there. So then, is He trustworthy to keep me His even when darkness threatens over and over again? I could shout to the world that He is! I can look over my life, now in my 40s and see how He has slowly and carefully pulled off layers of darkness like an onion. Then to be so humbled and honored to cry the heart of Jesus for others is so worth all the rejection in my life. I thank God for the rejection that gives me a rich life in His presence. My desire is to talk of His love, and pour out His heart for those in darkness…..I am an extreme introvert…..all I’ve wanted to do during covid is be at His feet and not communicate with the outside world, which is were He had me. So He poored into me. I’m far from the goal, but I’m closer than I’ve ever been. I can say His presence is the greatest gift ever. I just want to be with God. To live is Christ, so I’m ready for Him to use me. I pray for boldness, that enemy is waiting for me to slip into old self doubt. I trust God to continue His work in me. …I sell crochet patterns online that I create, I all of a sudden, have an opportunity to teach crochet classes locally which will put me in front of new people each time I teach a class. This is totally outside of my comfort zone. However, if this is what God has for me, also as provision for my family, and an opportunity to share the love of God with my actions……well sounds like it’s going to just happen if it is from God. Many things have made me not want to do it, fear, which makes me all the more push for doing it. Praying for boldness and that God will be my strength. Please pray that God will guide my steps, that my emotions will remain in God’s hands and the chains of the enemy will break away from me so clearly. I want to walk in boldness and God confidence. I want to be the quite drop of water in a place that turns into a wave of the Holy Spirit rushing through and giving glory to God. I just want to walk forward in obedience trusting God will keep me on course as I continue in His word and at His feet. I have shared many words, but your posts have been so helpful confirming what God has been showing me. I thank you.

    The greatest land for me to step into, which has always been there, is His presence which makes the darkness flee, His presence which brings me weeping happily to His feet. There is no sweeter land, He is the inheritance!!!!! All other ground is sinking sand. I always want to be where He is. No other place. Praise and glory to God!

    1. Thank you for sharing your journey! I can relate. I find so much hope and joy in your testimony and in your faith. Your ministry is already powerful! Thank you!

      I pray that you will find such freedom and that by overcoming you will continue to help others overcome!

    2. Thank you C. That scripture is very powerful…the angel said “Neither” and even though we know Joshua was for the Lord it didn’t matter. I’m glad God has shown this to you already. It is very hard to explain these types of things to people because they always believe God is picking a side when more often He is not. I believe just as He so clearly showed you His heart in this He will navigate your life to your business. Discerning the spirit you are battling is a big part and you’ve already done that. Now it’s just to tear it down. Have you tried divorcing the spirit? In next week’s post at the very end we’ll be divorcing one major spirit and you can use the same prayer for this one. Blessings

      1. Thank you MOP. I have prayed many prayers and I don’t recall using the word “divorce” However, I watched the videos you shared in some posts about generational curses and I’ve done those steps and I’ve searched around your site a lot over the last several months and I’ve done everything I’ve found that relates. I’m continually pushing forward in facing fears despite the resistance that pops up. I want to share a dream that I had last night that I think might relate to this. I was going to post it for interpretation but I wanted to ask God first for Him to give me the interpretation. So here is the dream…..

        The setting was the last house we lived in. It has 3 large windows looking over the backyard. A large couch faces the windows with the room between the couch and windows. 3 of my 4 brothers were in the room and my dad (My dad was alive in the dream but he passed away in 2017 . 1 of my brothers and I think my dad were sitting in the window seals which almost reach the ground. My husband was on the couch and I was somewhere in the room closer to the couch. My son was standing by a window. My daughter was in the room but not close to the window. We were all talking when a very large brown gorilla jumps over the back fence, he is caring a very large black bird, I think it was a raven but larger. The gorilla banged the bird against each window, so 3 times if I remember correctly. I jumped but I wasn’t afraid. I thought it was strange that no one got up to see what was going on. It left and we went on talking like nothing happened. I see it jump over the fence again. The bird no longer in it’s hand. The gorilla was angry and getting ready to charge the window. I told everyone to get out of the windows and got my children to go to the back bedrooms and lock the doors. I knew the gorilla was going to smash the window. As I was telling at everyone to get out of the room, the gorilla charged and ran into the window cracking the glass. I woke up then.

        My first thought was that I shouldn’t have posted what I did last night on this blog. I always 2nd guess myself and many times delete what I write. But then I also noticed that I was not full of fear in the dream. So I immediately wrote it down and asked God to reveal the meaning.

        I remember ravens can symbolize evil spirits. At first I thought the gorilla was symbolizing something scary, however I don’t think the aggression was aimed at me. I have 4 brothers, and 3 sisters. None of my sisters were in the dream and neither was my mom. So it seems to me that the gorilla killed that bird. And that the bird represents evil spirits. Since my brothers were in the windows that cracked, I believe God was showing me that the gorilla is so much stronger than the big bird. He’s a strong man. I don’t know if a gorilla can represent God in a dream, but as the idea came into my mind that greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. in my mind, that gorilla represented the strength of God within me, that God fought the battle and the enemy was dead, the stronghold of depression and fear of man, and even passivity in the life of my brother’s was over. I noticed in the dream that the men did nothing. Also, my brother that struggles the most with depression wasn’t in the dream….however my son was and he reminds me a lot of this brother. So overall, I got this image that the gorilla was fighting the enemy, much bigger than the enemy, and he was freeing my family from generational curses. After that idea came into my mind, I was excited about it. I can’t figure out why no sisters were in it. I’m still praying over the dream. If this is the correct interpretation, it is such a beautiful thing. Also, I will read your next post about divorcing the spirit. God bless you MOP!

        1. Hi C, copy and paste the dream into the dream interpretation section as it has nothing to do with the topic we are talking about here. Next week’s post I believe will help you in getting free from some things. Blessings

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