Prophetic Word – Watch out for unbelief

prophetic word watch out for unbelief

This prophetic word is titled Watch out for unbelief.  This is a very short prophetic word and it’s not for everyone but you’ll know when you read it if it’s for you.

Last Friday, which was July 18th through to Saturday, July 19th was the 9th of AV on the Hebraic Calendar.  This was the day when the spies came back from the promised land and 10 of them gave a bad report.

Numbers 13:27-33, 14:1-4

27 “We came into the land where you sent us, and it certainly does flow with milk and honey, and this is its fruit. 28 Nevertheless, the people who live in the land are strong, and the cities are fortified and very large. And indeed, we saw the descendants of Anak there! 29 Amalek is living in the land of the Negev, the Hittites, the Jebusites, and the Amorites are living in the hill country, and the Canaanites are living by the sea and by the side of the Jordan.”

30 Then Caleb quieted the people before Moses and said, “We should by all means go up and take possession of it, for we will certainly prevail over it.” 31 But the men who had gone up with him said, “We are not able to go up against the people, because they are too strong for us.” 32 So they brought a bad report of the land which they had spied out to the sons of Israel, saying, “The land through which we have gone to spy out is a land that devours its inhabitants; and all the people whom we saw in it are people of great stature. 33 We also saw the Nephilim there (the sons of Anak are part of the Nephilim); and we were like grasshoppers in our own sight, and so we were in their sight.”

14 Then all the congregation raised their voices and cried out, and the people wept that night. And all the sons of Israel grumbled against Moses and Aaron; and the entire congregation said to them, “If only we had died in the land of Egypt! Or even if we had died in this wilderness! So why is the Lord bringing us into this land to fall by the sword? Our wives and our little ones will become plunder! Would it not be better for us to return to Egypt?” So they said to one another, “Let’s appoint a leader and return to Egypt!”


I know for some of you over the last week and a half you may have been feeling a little “blah”, not quite sure how you’re doing, not sure what to believe anymore, discouraged, disappointed, don’t know which direction to go, “in a funk”.  I want to tell you that this is a spiritual thing that will pass.  It’s in the atmosphere and it is there to shake your faith.  It has nothing to do with you.  Don’t own it.

Stand still.

There’s no prayer to pray.  Just remain calm.  Don’t make any decisions right now especially if the decisions look anything like going back to a place where you left.  No.  This whole “feeling” you’re having right now is going to blow over.  I want you to just keep one thing in mind…

What did God say?

You are at a fork in the road and your faith in that promise is being tested right now.  Don’t make the wrong decision or throw in the towel because you’re just too tired of waiting.  Just be calm.  Let this week past, the feeling will pass and then you’re going to notice you’ll start feeling better and you’ll make the right decisions.  I want to point out 2 things about those spies (1)  They were telling the truth!!!  No lies were being told.  That means that some of the things that are making you “shaky” right now can be the TRUTH.  BUT, it doesn’t matter.  What did God say? (2)  The majority of the spies were saying it. How different would the scenario be if it was 2 with unbelief and 10 with faith??  I think the Israelites would’ve went in if the majority were giving a good report.  This is important for you to know so that you understand that you can’t always follow the crowd.  What did God say?

Take out your journal with all the confirmations you’ve received from the Lord and read them again.  Then REST.

Hebrews 3:7-19

That is why the Holy Spirit says,

“Today when you hear his voice,
    don’t harden your hearts
as Israel did when they rebelled,
    when they tested me in the wilderness.
There your ancestors tested and tried my patience,
    even though they saw my miracles for forty years.
10 So I was angry with them, and I said,
‘Their hearts always turn away from me.
    They refuse to do what I tell them.’
11 So in my anger I took an oath:
    ‘They will never enter my place of rest.’”

12 Be careful then, dear brothers and sisters. Make sure that your own hearts are not evil and unbelieving, turning you away from the living God. 13 You must warn each other every day, while it is still “today,” so that none of you will be deceived by sin and hardened against God. 14 For if we are faithful to the end, trusting God just as firmly as when we first believed, we will share in all that belongs to Christ. 15 Remember what it says:

“Today when you hear his voice,
    don’t harden your hearts
    as Israel did when they rebelled.”

16 And who was it who rebelled against God, even though they heard his voice? Wasn’t it the people Moses led out of Egypt? 17 And who made God angry for forty years? Wasn’t it the people who sinned, whose corpses lay in the wilderness? 18 And to whom was God speaking when he took an oath that they would never enter his rest? Wasn’t it the people who disobeyed him? 19 So we see that because of their unbelief they were not able to enter his rest.

What you don’t want to do is make rash decisions right now and you do not want to open your mouth and speak negatively against the promise.  It is best to remain silent, even if in your heart you are struggling to hold on.  Don’t speak it out of your mouth.  You create with your words so everything you are saying right now is creating something.  Don’t speak the problem speak the solution.  What do you want?  Speak that. When you open your mouth, make sure that what comes out of it is something good. I’m just posting this to let you know you are not alone. But you don’t want to form alliances with the “spirit of the 10 spies” aka unbelief and doubt with your mouth.  Peace.  Be still.  Rest.

Hoping this will put some perspective on what’s going on for some of you.


16 thoughts on “Prophetic Word – Watch out for unbelief”

  1. Thank you for this word.. I am encouraged. I woke up with alot on my mind, with all that’s happening in my country I just need to hold on to God. My refugee and strength….

  2. Blessed be the name of the Lord forever and ever! Holy spirit ministered to me some days ago. He led me to find an important item that I can’t remember were I left it. But in an unbelievable way, He directed me to the exact place the item was when I was not even looking for it. I instantly key into it and started praying and prophesying over my job search. I became desperate to get any Job even below my last rate. But holy spirit said to me to be still and relax, that the Lord will provide my own job at the right time. So when I saw this message, it just confirmed the Lord wanted me to take a pause and wait for His right time. God will continue to bless your ministry as you blessed us with all His messages in Jesus might name. Amen

  3. Amen! My pastor spoke about this yesterday (Be Still). I also heard another message and he was talking about, not getting on the bandwagon because everyone else is on it. Thank you!

  4. Thank you for sharing this word, as I needed it! I really feel like God is getting ready to make some great things happen (and soon!)

  5. Yes this is indeed been a very difficult time indeed! It’s the promises HE has spoken to me that keeps me in Faith but how and when I don’t know but God does.
    Please can you help me clarify something?
    On the 21st January I had a dream and I’m not looking for the interpretation but rather advice as to whether to cancel my plans or go ahead with them.
    I live in Perth Scotland and have planned to take my 10yr old daughter for a few days away to London on the 5th August, my friend Louise has decided to go to and as an extra treat for my daughter we have decided to go along to a theme park with rollercoasters (some of the largest in the country if not the world).
    I’ve haven’t been able to hear the Lord in my quiet time of prayer and worship so decided to do a fast of no food on Wednesday, and for quickness reasons I shorten the details. However, while sitting thinking an old dream just popped into my head! So I quickly got my dream journey out and read it.
    It goes 21/01/21 scene 2
    I’m with Louise, Scarlett and her friend. We are on a high ride @ the funfair/ park type of thing. I notice like an accident happen down below soi start praying ( with Louise). Then shortly after I notice a black car falling from a high up – it’s a jeep type of car and it’s falling. I immediately start to pray, I think I take louises Hamid so we pray together, I pray quickly because the car is falling quickly. I say something like Lord I commit this situation into your hands in Jesus name. That’s when I realise that it’s falling from a high position. Louise mentions about insurance & im like never mind that, referring to the people in the car as they are never going to make it from a fall like that. I’m thinking more about the people in the car rather than the car, I’m slightly annoyed by that comment.
    Louise and I are on one ride and right to my left at the back of me is my daughter and her friend. I then notice like a fast jet type vehicle, then I notice more of them, they are hitting buildings around me – high rises and blowing them upon purpose. Then I notice they have hit the other type cars on the right beside me on purpose. I look round to get my daughter Scarlett, she’s crying, her friend is looking at what’s happening. I’m trying to tell Scarlett it’s ok, to get us all to pray so that they won’t touch us. I feel calm and think that if I pray then if it’s not our time to die we will be okay. ( woke up).
    My question is should I cancel the trip???

    Ps same date – more of the dream if your interested. I see UFO,S!!!
    I won’t like I panicked when I read my journal after hearing your prophesy about “them”.
    Any advice appreciated.


    1. Hi Wendy, wow! You can’t deny the similarities between what you are about to do and the dream. You also can’t deny the fact that when you weren’t even thinking about that dream God brought it to your attention. You have to pray and receive confirmation from the Lord as to whether or not you should take the trip or if the part that He doesn’t want you doing is the roller coaster but the trip itself is fine. I can’t help with that.
      “Them” is a real thing and we’re all going to need to learn how to deal with this. You were already dreaming about them before I gave the word, that’s God telling you to prepare. The people around you are not going to handle it correctly but in the worldly way (worried about insurance). You will end up being the calm level-headed person in these types of situations. He may also just be reminding you that you haven’t spent the time with Him to learn how to properly deal with “them” so you need to do that. I know it’s not the thing anyone wants to focus on but I think you need to do it. Praying for you. Blessings

      1. Yes MOP you are right, I’m having a real internal struggle with getting up out of bed in the small hours. I really want to but I’m always so so shattered. I will though. I just have to. Please pray for me.

        Kind regards

    2. My Lord! If I received that type of dream about an upcoming trip I would try to cancel the trip and seek the Lord on where He may want me and my loved ones to vacation instead. The fact that you are even questioning going on this trip may be a sign that your spirit is not at peace about this particular trip. Your dream may be a warning. Stay safe and be blessed!

  6. Thank you MOP for the timely prophetic words. I say timely because all the prophesies speak specifically to me.
    I will be still and hold on to God’s words to me no matter the circumstances.
    Thank again.

  7. Thank you for the word to BE STILL, and unbelief will, l was unjustly demoted from PA to CEO to receptionist when they unjustly removed the CEO, for almost 3 years now my prayer was God l didnt do anything wrong but just because they want to do their corrupt things they removed me, but God is faithfully, the person who wanted the CEO job did not get it cz their evil plans were exposed so right now as l write to you the ministry in charge of recruiting the CEO are now looking for a substantive CEO to employ, the former CEO his name is Wellington Z had taken his case to the labour court now waiting to hear whether he will get his job back, but with God nothing is impossible l surrendered his case to God to deal with it and am asking that you pray for him as well, as for me last week Thursday l received an email that l am being transfered to credit department and be taught to do credit analyst/administrator position, and l was asking myself is this the way God is elevating me back and restoring me back because these people wanted me to get frustrated and resign but they could not get rid of me cz l was always on knees praying about it, my desire is to be restored back in my office as PA to CEO and am believing that this is the way God is elevating me from the demotion, Thank you Lord God for letting me know to be still and not speak out negative word or doubt about this in Jesus Name Amen

  8. Thank you for this additional perspective.

    And I’m reminded (when the unbelief and impatience try creeping in) that as we wait on the Lord, we are being strengthened and renewed with each passing/present moment (Isaiah 40:31).

    Ah, what peace and comfort. God really is good.


  9. This last week was no joke. I even told a fiend, “But God put me here, why is this happening? What am I missing?” This all makes sense. Thank you for always bring me back to perspective and reminding me to be still.
    You are truly a blessing,

  10. Whatever has been hidden for years .time has come for its recognition.God is addressing issues that people thought it was over and turning them into testimonies in people’s lives.exposure of whatever you had done away with is taking place and God is saying it’s my time now to reveal my greatness and nothing is going to stop me,past present or future

  11. Spot. On !
    This word is exactly the struggle I’ve been experiencing over a long held promise.
    Thank you 🙏🏻

  12. Thanks for this reassuring message, really the lord is with us.
    It was just this morning I’ve been pleading for God’s Mercy in my life. The Lord have always been waking me up every midnight to pray according to what he showed me as a grave concern to him in my country. I’ve been doing that . and there is a lot of backlash. The other day after prayer I went back to sleep, then in a dream I saw a person run to a tree planted in the pavement growing very fast, taller than the rest and healthy. First he tried to pull it off but he was an able then he decided to break it and run away leaving it there in the pavement.
    Waking up I felt very bad. I just asked the lord to have mercy and intervene.
    Then yesterday as I was writing an article about the strong man , which he put in my heart to do so, as I was in the middle a point he put to my mind that, “God wants man to wait on him even if the problem seems mountain like, hold on to him, he work mightily in silence when there seems to be no solution. He requires our patients with him to prove our loyalty and love for him amidst the storms”. To me that was part of what my enemies are devising against me. So today the lord woke me up exact time 12:41am but I was not able to pray all was quiet until 3:00am then I excuse my self to sleep. In the morning at 6:00am I thought of pleading for his Mercy and forgiveness if there is something I’ve done wrong and I don’t know, or maybe I’ve offered a wrong prayer somehow. Then at 7:00am I open my email and here is this article.” Be still. Rest ” in deed he is in control his ways are far more above our thinking. Let his will be done.
    Shalom .

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