7 Days of Prayer and Fasting for 2024

7 Days of Fasting

This is a one week fast for 2024.  The fast begins  5  Days  after  you  sign  up.7 Days of Fasting

Here’s how this will work.

  1. When you sign up you will receive a welcome email, please check your spam folder to be sure you receive all the emails.
  2. The Fast begins 5 Days after you sign up.  This will give you the time you need to gather the items for the fast.
  3. During the fast, every day you will receive the email for that day which will have a prayer focus and scripture meditation.
  4. Each day will be different, and the prayer and scriptures need to be done in the order you receive them for greater results.  We also give you the opportunity to submit your dreams on the dreams forum for interpretation.  God speaks to us so much through dreams and there are times when we need help knowing exactly what He is saying.
  5. By the end of the fast you should notice:
    • Clarity
    • A sense of freedom and peace in your mind, body, spirit and soul.  It is a complete detox.
    • Direction on how to move forward in 2024, not from us but from God since the whole purpose of the fast is to get you more focused on Him.
    • And the best past, answered prayers!  You will learn some prayer strategies on how to get answers and this will result in massive breakthroughs to your prayers.
  6. Cost:  Being willing and obedient to follow what the Lord will reveal to you during this process.  Showing up every day to do the exercise and read the Bible verses. Shutting off the social media, TV and any other outlets that will bring the evening news, fear or distraction into your atmosphere.  This one week break from the media will allow you to hear clearly. Other than that, it’s free.

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A few things to have on hand to start the fast:

  • Your bible (physical & digital copy, if you have it)
  • Notebook & pen for journaling
  • An audio recording device (most phones have one just be sure you know how to use it)
  • Anointing oil
  • Communion elements We take communion every day during the fast. The type of fast recommended:

Most people do a Daniel Fast reference Daniel 1:12. You can find more information about this type if fast by clicking here.  If you more experienced at doing a Daniel Fast, perhaps consider doing a juice fast.

Please do what is best for you and your health, consult your doctor.  If you know you cannot do this, then do your best.

Other things to fast:

  • Social media
  • Television
  • Radio
  • News/Media

Unless you must, please consider shutting it all down for the week.

How badly do you want what you are fasting for? I’m sure it is worth sacrificing some things for one week.

Scroll down & read the comments below from others who joined the fast from previous years.

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309 thoughts on “7 Days of Prayer and Fasting for 2024”

  1. God is good, I am still processing.
    This isn’t all that happened, but some bits:

    1- During the fast God pointed that there was someone who had hurt me more than I had acknowledged (the event was a bit traumatic actually, trust violated, opened up old wounds). God spoke to me through a nightmare: He didn’t send the nightmare, but used it to let me know that I needed to “call a wrong a wrong” before His face, that He couldn’t heal me from it, take care of it for me, if I acted as if I was okay and didn’t confess. I had to call it for what it was before Him (for context, for years it had been easier for me to pray for others, than to pray for myself. I got used to ignoring my own pain in order to move forward no matter what. Not anymore, God delivered me, but once in a while there is something I should bring to Him regarding my heart and my feelings, that I genuinely don’t think to pray about. If you struggle with this too, please bring it to the Lord so you are able to walk in total freedom with Jesus, without hold backs in your spiritual life). Back to the dream, God told me I needed to confess how I had been impacted so I would be able to let go and close that door in the spirit, and that I needed to pray for that person’s walk with Christ, for his spiritual eyes to be open, for repentance, revival, alignment. I did everything He asked. The day after, I received confirmation that that person had been realigned in his walk with God.

    2- The prayer on Day 7 on the zoom call. I am still processing. Days before the fast there was a night where I was praying and experienced a heavy burden taken off me. It was as if I had been shackled for a long time, and the shackles were removed. The way it manifested in my spirit is that in that moment, I knew that *whatever* I asked God about *my needs* would be provided for for sure, were *already* provided for. Anything I asked. I had always had that assurance every time I prayed for others and was in alignment with His will in what I was asking for them, I always knew when, for sure, a prayer was a done deal, answered, but when I prayed for myself, I did not always get such a strong confirmation (sometimes yes, but what happened on that night was something I had never experienced before, like a promise sealed in eternity). God is good. I pray that you experience that He is a God and Father who keeps His word, to that level, too. That assurance is rooted in knowing His promises for my life, the treasures I already have in Him. He knows what I need and has already provided. He knows my heart, and I am getting to know His better and better, even though I have been a born again believer for several decades.

    3- Day 7 prayer: Couldn’t sleep until 4:30am the day that followed; I was still high from being in His presence and in fellowship. I was struggling with easiness. You read well. Easiness. Things are too easy this time, Father. I was talking about work (and yes, the fast was also much easier to do this year). I was in the midst of preparing an important event, as it is always the case for me at this time of the year, but since 2020 specifically, at this time of the year I had always had to deal with vicious spiritual warfare, to a level where the Enemy doesn’t even bother disguising himself. I always managed to make those events happen for my community, and they were blessed in the making despite the circumstances (fasting praying, just following the blueprint He gave me), and the community always testified about how blessed they had been by them, but what a fight!! I did them because I knew without a doubt God had called me too, but every time it was like having to make bricks without straw (my car breaking down and having to bring heavy things to be set up, out of town, precisely that day the car stopped working, etc.). So the night following our prayer time, I stayed up because I was still filled with the Spirit, the cup was overflowing, I was still worshiping and praying, but at some point I had to tell Him: Lord, I am still up, in part, because I am struggling.
    Him: How so?
    Me: I am struggling with the fact that it has been *too* easy to create the event I was tasked with this year. Too easy. It’s disturbing. Nothing catastrophic happened to the people who had committed to help: they were actually able to follow through on their commitment, and even deliver beyond expectation, and for once I didn’t have to do their work, too. I am not used to that and it feels weird. And I am also not worried about the other shoe dropping because I know YOU did this, You told me everything would go well, that this is the end of the old season and old cycle, that a new one has started, but my brain and heart are still trying to catch up. We are not used to this. And also, the Leviathan spirit tried his thing again via the same person as before, but I handled it as You reminded me, didn’t feed it, and the storm died down before even having a chance to shake or disrespect anyone this time.
    He smiled of a patient and happy smile that said He understood, and would wait for me to settle in the new normal. His happy smile, at me finally getting it, not being in my own strength anymore, including in my walk by faith. (You read well, walking by faith, I mean some times we attempt to because we believe His word and understand the assignment, but in reality we are still being in your own strength, even if it is just a tiny part of us that is. We don’t want to waste His time and ours by doing that. If you know you are doing it too, please repent so you walk in the fullness of Freedom we have in Jesus when we decrease, and He increases, when we rely on Him more than we do in ourselves).

    That’s my partial testimony.

    Day 4 will continue to have us unwrap our gifts.
    Areas I have authority over when I pray for others: finding employment, starting their own business, completing their task, focus, replacing fleshly love with the one from above (whether it is about marriages, friendships, relatives, colleagues, unbelievers…), healing (a lady at my church meeting was healed from cancer once, one the spot, with her scans being clear at her next medical visit, a few days later. She still texts me anytime she is ill. There has been other cases, consistently, unless the person’s time has come), peace, insomnia (ironically, I suffered from insomnia for over 3 years while being in an abusive marriage. When God delivered me from it (the insomnia), some believers picked up on the gift and started calling me when they couldn’t sleep, and they would systematically fall asleep during the conversation (that was the goal). I have had parents also call me when their kids were fussy and had trouble falling asleep, and I would pray, and as I am asking the Holy Spirit to knock them to sleep (I didn’t always say it so forcefully), they would fall sleep while I was still praying. The parents were astonished.

    God bless you. You are blessed.

    God bless Missionaries of Prayer.

    Walking in the authority God gave me.

    1. On day 7 while you prayed for Pastors and their families I connected my husband to the prayer. My husband has been planting churches in remote areas of our country but the recent church plant overwhelmed us with so many people receiving Christ and wanting to start a fellowship. We were given free land to put up a structure where people would fellowship from but the church members could not afford the funds for the structure so all the new believers and their children (about 120) were meeting under a tree twice a week. We had a budget of $5000 for the structure and washrooms but didn’t know where that would come from. On day 7 after you prayed. I continued to tell God to meet my husband at his point of need. I didn’t have the church plant in mind. I was thinking about his financial struggles. That same day just before our family alter prayers my husband received a call from someone who told him “Thank you Pastor for always praying for us..I have sent you a donation of $7350. Be blessed.” Whaaaaat hold on…we all got up and picked anything in the house that could make noise including basins and we started singing, druming and dancing for the Lord. We have never received such a donation in all the 25 years that my husband has been Pastor. We bless the Lord who gave us more than we needed. We will not only contruct the structure but also buy some music instruments so the new believers can make some joyful noise for the Lord.

  2. I was on vacation, so I had more time to be alone with the Lord. Some days I had no desire for food. About the pray list, I heard in my spirit no need to pray and ask for the requests, they are answered. Praise the Lord.
    I’m going to do another 7 days. I am just going to love him more.

    Thanks Nicole

  3. I am truly thankful for the fast. However, this was one of the most difficult for me. I struggled the entire fast to stay focused, to pray, and to worship. Twice I made the decision to give up the fasting. I felt like the player on the team that would cause the entire team to lose because I didn’t give the same effort as other committed team players. So I thought it would best for me to quit the fast. The quote “it’s not how you start, but how you finish” drop into my mind. I then made the decision to keep going, but said to God, if You don’t grant me anything from this fast, I’ll understand. I went into Sunday morning impartation prayer call not expecting to get any crowns or my prayers answered. When the praying started it was as if they were praying my thoughts, concerns, and petitions to God! I cant explain how those prayers gave me such joy and refueled my expectations of God! I had such peace
    and was so energized yesterday. Coming into the prayer call expecting to get NOTHING. However, by the end of the call I knew God had heard my prayers and petitions; and I took a seat in one the adirondack chairs!! I’m worthy because He loves me!

    1. It’s beautiful missionaries of prayer to have so many angelic encounters and to share them. Body of Christ , todays world of so many voices attempting your attention it’s a real blessing you can trust missionariesofprayer.org grateful

  4. I thank God for this fast. It has by far been the most joyous one since I started some years ago. God answered my prayer to show me my crowns. It was so clear that I had to double check and He gave me confirmation. With the crown, I am able to pray with conviction and authority in those areas. When the fast finished, I did not know what to do with myself but I was so peaceful,restful and reminded me how sabbath rest should feel like. I thank God for the revelations, the impartation and prayers. So much to process. I thank God for Missionaries of Prayer, Nicole, the team and everyone connected to this ministry. Enjoy God’s blessings.

  5. Jan 2024 Fast

    This fast was so different and so amazing. I have completed 2 other fasts with this ministry and each time God does something different. I can testify that God answers prayers! Last year 2023 fast God told me to move to another part of my city and I was shocked because I was used to my other home. But, I said ok Lord I’m stepping out on faith. So I started looking in the area he told me to. I went with a builder who was affordable and their name is Castlerock. The name of the title company is CROWN title. This is blowing my mind right now because we talked about crowns in the 2024 fast and it’s so interesting to see and find out why God had me come here and the process was smooth with the second home. Not to mention I own 2 homes now, as a single
    Mother who does not receive help from my child’s father anymore.
    LOOOK AT GOD! He provided more than what I expected and he is blessing us tremendously. My son wants for nothing. The same for me. I am so thankful that my Church mama led me to Nicole’s ministry and that the Lord put in on my heart to consistently be a part of these annual fasts. I have learned so much and I have been blessed so much by God. He isobing so mightily and he is a GOOD GOOD FATHER! Yesterday day 7 I got a word about me having a Moses type of anointing where I bring other to deliverance from tough situations and circumstances. I then got confirmation from a church sermon that came out yesterday as well. Nicole helped me see that day 4 the crown that I wasn’t sure about is Forgiveness. I never would have realized this unless I was a part of this fast. God put it on my heart to learn to forgive people years ago. So even now when I have an issue with someone I repent and I let it go as soon as possible because not only
    Do you feel at peace, but you know that if you don’t forgive, you won’t be forgiven. God bless everyone. I’m so grateful to see all these testimonies spring up! God is moving mightily and I’m so in awe after this fast. I feel the change, the shift and he said, “do not remember the former things, or ponder the things of the past.” Isaiah 43: 18-19. Moving forward and looking to seek God’s face is the focus. God bless!

  6. I learned more about myself and my heart on this fast than I ever have before! I was able to overcome some struggles all while understanding why I was still struggling. In one case it was how I was praying. It was a good reminder on the day of the JOY prayers. The Lord revealed some motives of my heart that I truly did not know were there. I thank Him for it! Revelation, release and peace would be the words I would use to describe this fast. There are so many other things, but I am so grateful for this fast – and I have drawn nearer to the Lord as a result. Thank you Jesus! As always, I am amazed and overwhelmed by my Father and His love for me. What a blessing. Thank you MOP.

  7. Nicole thank you so much!! I
    Am always blow away by what the LORD does on these fast weeks. This fast I had been praying about transition in employment to be home in TN full time instead of commuting back and forth to Tampa for work. I had a strong sense I needed to be home this year before Passover.

    This picture is from my window in TN on Jan 9th Tuesday of the fast as I spoke to a potential employer and had God’s peace to move forward. I had to give 90 days which I did , and my end date is literally on Passover. I had no idea but God knows. I also was going back and forth between 2 opportunities and not sure I had made the “ right “ decision. On Shabbat so Friday night, I received an email, the other employer is being dissolved and that job is no longer available. Praise Abba for his provision and direction .
    Also interesting, never in 30 years of nursing, have I had people extravagantly make and bring me food like they have these last 2 weeks to bless me. Enough to share with others. I also received further revelation from the LORD about a dream I had 2 years ago on the fast with you about the Tribe of Asher and Shevat- incredible and significance of oil and water. 💦 I now fully understand it! 🙏🏻🙏🏻😃😃
    Thank you again in your obedience in leading us through this year again as we head into Passover and another cycle through the feasts and appointed times. They have really blessed me so much!
    Abundant blessings , greater impartation and revelation and the outpouring of the 7 spirits of Adonai
    Over you and your ministry as an Elijah/ John the Baptist forerunner! Hallelujah 🙏🏻💗🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
    Love you my sister with the love of Messiah! ❤️❤️❤️

  8. This was a most unusual & gracedexperience for me. I had one prayer request: for spiritual cleansing. On day 3 I felt a cramp in my back near a twisted disk between my shoulder blades. I never have pain there so
    I asked the Lord what it was. Next day He told me that He had released me from a stronghold of rejection there. On day 5 I prayed for others to be released from the stronghold of rejection and associated resentment. As I was praying I felt my spirit being lifted in a place of heavenly authority where we are seated with Chrsit.
    Wow, what a glorious, gracious, merciful and kind God is our Lord!

  9. I want to testify of God’s goodness.

    1. My 8 year old daughter accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour today.

    2. Today my husband joined us to pray during devotional for the first time in over a year.

    3. I thank God for healing me. This time last year I couldn’t continue the fast because I couldn’t focus. Now I’ve learned to not FEED IT.

    4. I thank God for his provision even though I don’t have a full time job presently.
    I’m grateful because he who began it is faithful to complete it.

    1. I thank MOP for the 7 days fast.
      I give God the glory for restoring back my dream . Since last year I have not been dreaming , since I am on the fast I been dreaming and remembering them.
      Last night I dreamt a television actor gave me an envelope and thanking me for helping him.
      Not sure what that mean. Please let me know what this is

      I thank God for your ministry.
      God blessings.

  10. 1. I thank God for healing me from offense. No matter what happened I didn’t feed the spirit.

    2. Today for the first time in over a year my husband joined us to pray during our devotional time.

    3. I am thankful for God’s provision even though I don’t have a job yet.

    4. My older son was ill and got healed.

    5. My 8 year old daughter accepted Jesus as her Lord and Saviour today. I really excited about this.

    I know God is still at work.

    God is faithful.

  11. I just wanted to share as soon as I prayed the prayer about dreams I remembered I had a dream my son told me he was on his way to Church. I’m not sure if there’s any significance to that but those are words of mother longs to hear!

    He does not go to Church but staying prayerful about this!

    Also received an answer to one of my questions last night, then confirmation this morning.

    I’ve done this fast for like 3 years now and it’s always beneficial, there’s always great Revelation and I just thank MOP for inviting me.

  12. First and foremost, I give all the glory to God. I was just looking up witchcraft because I found out from a pastor my own father was doing it on me. Suddenly I came across this website. I truly thank God for leading me here and partaking in this fast. Every day of the fast had information that I really needed and was relevant to my current abuse situation that has been going on for 25 years and is still going strong. I have become a brand new person while I was doing this fast and after I finished. This fast is totally recommended! This is the most fun I have ever had fasting in my whole life. I love how each day had some valuable knowledge to share that transformed my life forever! Thank God first of all and thank you for the people responsible for this website.

  13. Dear MOP,
    I am grateful I came to this site, I believed God let me find this, in my season of life were everything in here really applied to me, I was in great fear. Reading all the scriptures about it all was a great relief, I had been somehow read some of those before, but this time it told me something and penetrated my soul. I won’t be walking on the same path again, I was always intimidated with “white people” I am scared. I am Asian. I am always scared to step out of my comfort zone. By God’s grace I will be walking in the new path God intended me to be, we are all brothers and sisters in Christ, the more I know God the more I know myself. Everyday was blessing how I did the fast. I cannot do it alone. Thank you for having this ministry, it is a great help and easy to comprehend.

    On my third night I had a dream my brother and sis in law, we were outside the house, she asked my favourite beige shoulder bag, in exchange with a dark brown bag, I felt sad but I emptied it, supposed to left something inside for her to use but I decided not, thinking she will just throw what’s left inside and just handed it to her after even I felt sad just to please her.

    2nd scenario; I was in a large crowd huge hall waiting for the feast, when the food was ready everyone went towards the table, I did not go with the crowd, I waited and then there was a line up, I was at the last but I left for a bit to get something then when I came back it’s a longer line up already but a lady called and waived telling me to come stand in-front of her because she was at my back before. Then I go.

    3rd scenario; I was collecting paper flowers from the vases on the table; I had a feeling those flowers can still be use, there were couple of women, another woman just arrived and had a beautiful one I jokingly asked for it, but she refuses instead she gave me the green alive plant on the pot, I was so happy, then I woke up it’s morning.

  14. Dear MOP, I am thankful for your ministry. Every day of the fast was truly powerful. Days 6 & 7 especially resonated with me because I can relate to every topic you touched on. For a number of years, I have been in a spiritual battle that has been relentless and people around me are becoming uncomfortable with the person I know I need to become to be obedient. Please know that I really appreciate your insight & prayers.

  15. Thank you so much for the fast plus helping me with a dream I had. Following is the information about the dream (starts at the bottom) :

    From: xxxxx
    To: Missionaries Of Prayer
    Subject: Re: Dream morning of 2023jan14

    Hi there,

    Ok, it’s all done! Every thing on day 6 is all done. I just have to get rid of 1, possibly 2 pieces of furniture that are in the basement. One is a dresser and one is a desk. I need to have help to get them from the basement into the carport. God knows, they are in my plan to get rid of them asap. As far as the familiar spirit went, I feel safer here now. I think it was a spirit of idolatry. I did anoint myself, I opened a window, and commanded a bunch of them to get out and never return. Talk about house cleaning! I actually feel a bit nauseous now but that’s ok. Praise Jesus! I was hearing an argument/protest about leaving out the window, (the fact that it had been with me for so long), but I told it to go anyways. I invite you Holy Spirit to come into all spaces that are available now in this home and to do with me, even an increased ability to hear the voice of Jesus… in Jesus Christ’s Name, Amen.

    Thank you for your support and guidance.

    Tomorrow it’s my plan to finish day 7 and then email you to let you know that I’m finished regarding the extra days of prayer support. I really do appreciate all of your support. Thank you very much!


    Missionaries Of Prayer wrote:


    I’m going to tell you a story that I think may help you in identifying it. Several years back I met a man I think he was in his late 50s and he kept breaking stuff, anything he touched would break. Breaking a new cell phone 2 days after getting it, constantly breaking glasses, cracking things, etc.

    I told him that is a demon of destruction and if he wants, I can pray to break it off him. He looked at me like I had 10 heads and said “a demon?” No, I’ve been clumsy all my life ever since I was a child.

    I said to him, I’m telling you right now that I can break that demon off of you if you want it gone. It is a demon.

    He agreed, but I think it was more like “ok humor me, give it your best shot”. Because I know he didn’t believe even when I started praying. I prayed over him and never again did it happen. He was in shock and to this day he still talks about it.

    What happened? Demons are very slick all they need to do is have you agree with them and they will never leave. They want you to OWN the behavior. This way you will think it is you “oh that’s just the way that I am” and then you never realize that you can get delivered from it. You think it’s you but it is not you. So you never think that you can actually separate yourself from it.

    I’m telling you this because I feel that you may have become so comfortable with it (that poor helpless cute puppy) that you may have started owning the behavior as just how you are. Not realizing that you are being tricked by the enemy and that it is actually a demon.

    Now think about what behaviors, attitudes, addictions, actions you have that you have owned that you know are not good. This is where you will find it hiding.

    You are literally at the brink of being free from all of it. Jesus is in the pool with you right now to get rid of them.

    Anoint yourself with oil and do this…

    Open your mouth and say spirit of ______ (call out as many of them as you can identify) today is the last day you are welcomed here. I am severing all ties with you. I bind you up and I cast you out in the name of Jesus. I command you to leave this house now in Jesus name and never return.

    Say it like you mean it. Open a window or a door and send it out.

    Let me know how it goes.

    From: xxxxx
    To: Missionaries Of Prayer
    Subject: Re: Dream morning of 2023jan14


    Thank you so much for providing the interpretation. I’m almost finished day 6. I plan to finish it today and also ask the Lord about the familiar spirit.

    Thank you again.


    Missionaries Of Prayer wrote:
    Hi xxxxx,

    This is interesting and exactly why we need dream interpretation. First question, have you finished the prayers from Day 6? Because this only goes as planned if you do.

    The dog is a familiar spirit, an evil spirit that you are so comfortable with that you don’t even know it is there. Water is swimming in the spirit. The man is Jesus once again getting rid of that spirit as you pray. The dream says that he’s gotten rid of it before for you but it came back. Let Him do the cruel job of getting rid of it again.

    The children are the children of God who have found freedom and truly understand that this work is necessary; therefore, they are keeping out of Gods’ way and letting Him do His job.

    If you haven’t finished Day 6, I’m afraid the dog is still in the pool with you.

    From: xxxxx
    To: Missionaries Of Prayer
    Subject: Dream morning of 2023jan14


    Following is a dream I had yesterday morning if you could please interpret it:

    It was just before I woke up and I forgot to notice the time.

    The dream:

    I was in a huge swimming pool. The length was at least double the width. There was a man that I didn’t know in the pool with me. I recall 2 children in the pool and lots of clutter in the pool. I didn’t know what the clutter was. Somehow I knew the man was usually very mean but was being nice to me in the pool for some reason. Then there was a large tan colored dog in the pool with the man and I. The children weren’t interacting with the man, dog, and I. The man was nice to the large dog for a while but then all of a sudden he turned very mean and cruel towards the large dog. The man started pulling the large dog on the left side of the pool to the other lengthy side of the pool. He was either cruelly pushing pool water into the dog’s nostrils or pinching the dog’s nostrils closed with each step he took. I couldn’t tell exactly what the man was doing to the dog because their faces were turned away from me. I knew what the man was doing was very cruel though. The dog followed the man as he pulled the dog to the other side of the pool. It seemed like this happened to the dog before and that he was used to it, and it seemed like the man took great pleasure in being so cruel. Meanwhile, there was nothing I could do for the dog plus I was stunned and caught off guard at the sudden cruelty of the man to the dog. I was so sad for the dog, and angry at the man. The children didn’t do anything either. They just seemed to stay out of the man’s way. The man and dog reached about three quarters of the way across the pool and then I woke up feeling very disturbed. I’ve been praying in the Spirit about that horrible dream since then and can’t seem to shake it yet.

    Would you please be able to assist me with the interpretation of this horrible dream?

    Thank you,

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