Prophetic Word for March 2018 – Adar

Prophetic Word for March 2018 - Adar

The Hebrew month of Adar is a month marked with Joy.  I’ve been a little late in getting this word out for no apparent reason other than I didn’t feel like it was time to release it.

Well, it all fell into place last week.  Let’s look historically what happened in the month of Adar

  1.  It was the last month that the Israelites stayed in Egypt – this marks a point of crossing over into a new season
  2. 7th of Adar was the day of Moses’ birth
  3. 7th of Adar was also the day of Moses’ death.  Isn’t it interesting that Moses died on the same day that he was born.
  4. Now, here’s where it gets really interesting…do you know who else died on the 7th of Adar?  Billy Graham. I find it interesting that both great men went home to be with the Lord on the same day. Billy Graham was certainly a type of Moses to this generation as well.
  5. Billy Graham passed over at the age of 99.  9 is the number of fruitfulness.  And he certainly was fruitful.
  6. The month of Adar is also symbolized by the fish.  Fish is a sign of fruitfulness, blessings, fertility, multiplication and souls…the winning of souls
  7. 13th of Adar was Haman’s selected day to bring an end to the Jewish people.  He actually picked the day! You can read that in Esther 3
  8. Then the very next day GOD, flips the script on Haman and what he planned to do to the Jewish people happened to him! He prepared gallows to hang Mordecai, which is Queen Esther’s uncle and on this very gallows he was hung. Esther 7:7-10 “Moreover, the gallows that Haman has prepared for Mordecai, whose word saved the king, is standing at Haman’s house, fifty cubits high.” And the king said, “Hang him on that.” So they hanged Haman on the gallows that he had prepared for Mordecai. Then the wrath of the king abated.”
  9. 14th of Adar is Purim.  This is the celebration of the Jewish people as they escaped annihilation by the wicked plot of Haman.  As it is written in the Talmud when Adar comes then comes JOY!
  10. You should read the book of Esther this month and you will notice God is not speaking throughout the whole book.  But, his handiwork is all over it.  This is the sign of the hidden miracle.  A hidden blessing.  He was there the whole time.

I feel like it all comes full circle.  It’s like a bookend in the realm of the spirit. God has a plan and He gives us messages along the way.  So here is the bottom line of this month..


You’ll be moving into a new place in the spirit.

We will now enter the Joshua generation of this age.  After Moses was Joshua so you can expect with Billy Graham now home with God to see a whole new rising of evangelists.  Don’t discount the millennials.  I think ministry will start to look really different with this generation.  Don’t criticize it if you don’t understand it.  Just ask God if He’s in it.

If you are feeling uneasiness in your spirit, don’t worry. Get intimate with the Lord. Stay close to God in prayer and watch for God to flip the script on the plot of the enemy regarding you.  It might be good time for you to start praying for your enemies as you may move the process along

Fruitfulness, Blessings, Multiplication, Souls coming into the Kingdom of God.

Hidden Miracles.  Look for it.


Psalm 126:2 “Then our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with shouts of joy; then they said among the nations, “The Lord has done great things for them.”

I feel the Lord is calling His people to a deeper place of intimacy this month.  You know, the strategies are only going to be released to people who have learnt how to become deeply intimate with the God.  Intimacy is something that is lost in ministry these days.  There is a lot of doing and not enough time spent in the presence of God.  If you are struggling in this area and want to learn ways how you can reconnect and get intimate with God, please write it in the comments below.  I would be happy to write about how to get this back.  You are going to need it this season.  There is too much at stake in the harvest for you to miss out because you just didn’t know how to connect with God. **Because many have asked for the post on the intimacy with God, I started this series – Here’s part 1 on the Intimacy God which is about Reverence

Here’s a prayer for you.

Lord, in this month renew joy to me because I know that Your joy will be my strength. I pray that my eyes will be opened to the miraculous.  That Prophetic Word for March 2018 - Adareven though things may not be exactly the way that I want them to be right now you are working it out in the background.  Any day now my promise shall burst forth.  My suddenly moment is almost here.  Show me how to get to the secret place with you and ignite the intimacy so that I can hear and see you clearly.  Light my heart on fire for you again.  Bring back the zeal I once had.  Bless my life with fruitfulness of this season and continue to prepare me for the harvest.  Flip the script on the enemy on my behalf the pit they have dug for me they themselves will fall into it, in Jesus Name, Amen.

Be blessed and enjoy this month.

37 thoughts on “Prophetic Word for March 2018 – Adar”

  1. Hello MOP,
    I really enjoyed this message for a few reasons such as that I like the story of Esther, she’s my second favourite female character after Ruth. I have also been shown/told that I have some sort of Esther anointing. This is not stated to brag, but as a prayer please, for me to fully grasp what God is saying, aka clarity, and for boldness/courage to step into what He is calling me to do.
    I also realize that we just celebrated Purim yesterday or so. Kindly check out this clip and the subsequent one if you are interested in seeing some modern day Esthers, in action, in Israel
    The reason that I decided to comment is two-fold. First, I did not realize that Moses was born and died on the 7th of Adar, and the correlation with Billy Graham, thank you for this information. This really caught my attention because on November 18, 2020 I had the following dream:
    “Dreamt that I was asking someone about a date and the response was ‘It’s Moses’ birthday’. The respondent was a male, but I wasn’t sure who ‘he,’ i.e., the male was.”
    I have continued to ponder over this dream since then, asking God for clarification, and thought that it might point to someone’s calling that I was interacting more with around the same time.
    If this was not enough food for thought, your post also said:
    “We will now enter the Joshua generation of this age.” The day before the dream I mentioned earlier, i.e., on November 17, 2020, I journaled the following:
    “I feel like I woke up with a ? vision of Nov.10, Joshua. May I know what it means, Holy Spirit?”
    Let me shed some light. November 10th is my nephew, Joshua’s birthday. I honestly think that there is no coincidence that these dreams came consecutively. I have been asking the Lord what it meant. I believe that this post has honestly shed some light and confirmed thoughts on what the Lord was trying to tell me, at least I was applying it personally, but what else could it be referring to from a corporate perspective?
    I sense that there are three/two typologies that God is highlighting here:
    Esther, Moses, and Joshua anointings. Esther and Moses were both deliverers of their people from persecution. I also see some sort of mentorship/generational pairings going on here, i.e., Esther/Mordecai (Esther’s cousin) and Moses/Joshua . Perhaps this is the era that we are in now. Thoughts, MOP and others? Thanks!


    1. Yes, because this is where we are on the calendar this year. has to Hebrew calendar where you can look up the correlation of the Hebraic dates to the Gregorian dates. It’s also the passing of a mantle of sorts if you think about it. The church in general has gone through a mantle shift from one group of people to the next. The Joshua Generation. We are actually in the land now and that is why everything feels so unfamiliar and there is much warfare. You should receive this on a personal and corporate level as well.

      1. Thank you very much, MOP, as your explanation brings a lot of clarity, specifically, ” We are actually in the land now and that is why everything feels so unfamiliar and there is much warfare. You should receive this on a personal and corporate level as well.”


  2. Struggling to stay close to God and keep my faith during a time of great turbulence. Waiting on God to bring my husband to salvation and do a restorative work in our marriage.

  3. Pray for me to get closer to God and be more intimate,I need to hear his voice and know his will for my life,I’m at cross roads,confused about his will for my life,I Love him so much

  4. Such a blessed word!! Going through alot in this season and want to press into God and closer intimacy as never before. Please pray for me and my family.

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