Prayer for Autism

This is an audio file of a prayer for autism and also a discussion about autistic and special needs children and their parents.

To give some context, we had a five hour prayer session where the topic was not related to special needs but at the very end when we got to the praise reports someone gave testimony about an autistic 12 year old and this turned the conversation in that direction.

Don’t worry we are not going to force you  to listen to 5 hours!

This is significant because a mother of an autistic boy contacted us just 3 days prior asking for prayer.  We prayed for her and thought this was enough.  However, when the Holy Spirit brought up the subject again to this prayer group it was evident that God was taking out His highlighter and highlighting this subject as something that is currently on His heart and mind.

We feel He is ready to perform miracles in this area.  Major breakthrough for many.  We also feel that God is calling His church to be more compassionate to people – mothers, fathers, grand parents, brother and sisters – who have someone with autism or special needs in their family.

The audio file is only the portion that shares the testimony, a prayer for autism and special needs and the discussion that followed on how the church should respond.  It is 33 minutes long.

You can listen to the prayer and discussion or you can read the transcript of only the prayer below.

If you don’t have an autistic or special needs child, you should still listen to this because your response and reaction when you are around someone with special needs is important.

If you are a parent, family member of friend of someone with autism or other special needs please leave the information in the comments and we will pray for them.

Prayer for Autism and Special Needs

Father God,  we just thank you for children who are facing autism and experiencing sensory overload.  We also pray for those who have special needs, children and adults,  who may have other things going on in their bodies and mind that they’re not able to control. They are in your hands and you see them, Oh God.

We come against the enemy and any spirit that will want to overwhelm them, in the name of Jesus. We pray for freedom in their spirits to be who you called them to be.  We pray for healing in their bodies, mind, soul and spirit. Where there’s any deficiencies that you make up the deficiency Father God that you fill them up Lord God with your healing virtue. We thank you that by Jesus’ stripes they are healed.

We call out any spirit of infirmity or sickness or weakness in their bodies and even this spirit of delay, in the name of Jesus.  We sent it back to dry places from whence it came.  Even

the challenges that they are having in this world, Lord, we pray You make every crooked road straight, in the name of Jesus.  We declare healing over our children with challenges.  We pray Lord God that the body of Christ would accept and embrace our children the way You accept and embrace our children. Our love is truly on trial – can we love those who maybe don’t fit the framework of what we think people should be?  Help us Lord God to see people as people and to love them with the heart and the compassion that Jesus Christ has for us.

Father, we thank you that even that our children and adults with special needs are still be useful in the kingdom.  We thank you Father God that for your word that says train up a child in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it. We pray that their giftings would come forth, in the name of Jesus.

We pray that the body of Christ would recognize that where there is a deficiency You make up the gap in other areas.  Thank you for their superior intelligence and the true gift that they are from you – a gift to this world.  Thank you, Oh God, for their enhanced ability to love us even when Your people don’t show the love of Christ towards them and acceptance towards them. Cover them Lord and shelter them from rejection and fear.

Lord God, in the name of Jesus, encourage and strengthened the hearts and minds of the parents and care givers that are raising children that are having challenges, whatever they may be.  Father we pray that you give them wisdom on how to raise these children that are truly a gift from God .  Give them the wherewithal and whatever is needed to raise your children to bring out the best in these children so that they will be able to fulfill your purpose for their life.

We ask, Lord God, that Your body will see these children with eyes of love, eyes of caring,  eyes of patience and develop us in the fruit of the Spirit.  Help us to examine our own fruit and prune us so that we will bear much more fruit.

Father we abide, remain, habitate in your vine, in the name of Jesus Christ we pray.

Here are some bible verses for autism
(Psalm 139:14) “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know thatprayer for autism full well.”

(Proverbs 22:6) “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”

(Psalm 103:17) “But from everlasting to everlasting the Lord’s love is with those who fear him, and his righteousness with their children’s children”

God Bless You!



126 thoughts on “Prayer for Autism”

  1. Please pray for my client Juhi…she is 8 and is autistic, non verbal and each year she gets worse. I was working with her and she was making progress and then left when I had my baby and now she has regressed so badly. Her parents have tried everything and I see hurt and losing faith. Only God makes the impossible possible and I believe that He will give Juhi her voice in the name of Jesus Christ.

    1. My 3.5 yr old granddaughter is autistic. She doesn’t have speech yet and I have no finances to take her for speech therapy sessions.
      Please pray with me.
      Thank you and God bless

      1. I am praying for your grandchild and I know that god will heal her. There are programs available at no cost. I know because my son is autistic and I was not aware of the help available. Look for OPWDD in your state. God bless I hope this helps.

  2. Please pray for our 12 year old son, Karsten Gyasi who is non verbal autistic that he talks in the name of the lord.

  3. Thank you for this timely message from God. Please pray for my 4 year old son Jacob to learn to use the potty and also communicate. That God will heal him from ASD.

  4. Please pray for our family of 6. Our oldest 3 children are on the spectrum with the younger of them with ADHD as well. I don’t feel like we have a life outside of autism. It is all consuming and never stops. I strongly suspect I am also in the spectrum myself.

  5. Please pray for my 20 year old son Jamison. He has Autism.I fear what will happen to him when I die. He has no friends, no education and He depends on me for everything. it is alot to bare. I feel hopeless in this situation. please pray for Him a bright future. thank you for praying.

  6. Please pray for me, the mother of a 20 year old child on the autistic spectrum. I feel so alone and overwhelmed and concerned for his future after I die. Sometimes I am so weary I would welcome death but I can’t do that to my son or husband. We have tried church after church and never found one that cared enough to even acknowledge us or him. We only have each other for support and I am so exhausted and fearful. I don’t know what to do. It has been clear over and over that if your family doesn’t fit into a certain church box you are meaningless to the body of God. I have had pastors see my son and walk the other way. My heart has been wounded beyond repair. I don’t know how much longer I can hold on.

  7. Please pray for my grandson Roland Godric Pama was diagnosed with slight autism. He is already 5 years old but still not talking. Please stand in agreement with me that GOD will heal and deliver him, amen.

  8. Please Pray for my son Dallas (9) he is non verbal. May the Lord help him find his voice and help his Father and I to keep being patient and understanding in Jesus name all things are possible

  9. Please pray for my grandson Augie,11 years old .he is my Heart ❤️ I care and love him and Thank GOD FOR HIM.ALLTHESE CHILDREN I PRAY,PLEASE PRAY FOR MY DAUGHTER AIMEE ,SHE WIILL SHE IS A TEACHER ,STARTS NEXT MONTH ,TEACHING AUTISM CHILDREN .

  10. Pray for my grandchildren Kiesyn (2) and Ayva(10 months) and their parents De’Andre and Shelby. Pray for my niece Jaela(16) and nephew Jadon(14) and their mother Misty. The battles of facing autism, bipolar, dyslexia and spirits of anger over these children in Jesus name Amen

  11. Please pray for my grandson, Aiden. He is 4 and non-verbal, for the most part. I noticed more aggressive behavior when I saw him yesterday. And please pray for my daughter and her husband and for the guidance they need to raise him and to pray for him.

  12. Please pray for my granddaughter, 9 yrs old. Almost non-verbal for communication. But she now repeats words. Praise God! Her name is E’Moreyha

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