Prayer for Autism

This is an audio file of a prayer for autism and also a discussion about autistic and special needs children and their parents.

To give some context, we had a five hour prayer session where the topic was not related to special needs but at the very end when we got to the praise reports someone gave testimony about an autistic 12 year old and this turned the conversation in that direction.

Don’t worry we are not going to force you  to listen to 5 hours!

This is significant because a mother of an autistic boy contacted us just 3 days prior asking for prayer.  We prayed for her and thought this was enough.  However, when the Holy Spirit brought up the subject again to this prayer group it was evident that God was taking out His highlighter and highlighting this subject as something that is currently on His heart and mind.

We feel He is ready to perform miracles in this area.  Major breakthrough for many.  We also feel that God is calling His church to be more compassionate to people – mothers, fathers, grand parents, brother and sisters – who have someone with autism or special needs in their family.

The audio file is only the portion that shares the testimony, a prayer for autism and special needs and the discussion that followed on how the church should respond.  It is 33 minutes long.

You can listen to the prayer and discussion or you can read the transcript of only the prayer below.

If you don’t have an autistic or special needs child, you should still listen to this because your response and reaction when you are around someone with special needs is important.

If you are a parent, family member of friend of someone with autism or other special needs please leave the information in the comments and we will pray for them.

Prayer for Autism and Special Needs

Father God,  we just thank you for children who are facing autism and experiencing sensory overload.  We also pray for those who have special needs, children and adults,  who may have other things going on in their bodies and mind that they’re not able to control. They are in your hands and you see them, Oh God.

We come against the enemy and any spirit that will want to overwhelm them, in the name of Jesus. We pray for freedom in their spirits to be who you called them to be.  We pray for healing in their bodies, mind, soul and spirit. Where there’s any deficiencies that you make up the deficiency Father God that you fill them up Lord God with your healing virtue. We thank you that by Jesus’ stripes they are healed.

We call out any spirit of infirmity or sickness or weakness in their bodies and even this spirit of delay, in the name of Jesus.  We sent it back to dry places from whence it came.  Even

the challenges that they are having in this world, Lord, we pray You make every crooked road straight, in the name of Jesus.  We declare healing over our children with challenges.  We pray Lord God that the body of Christ would accept and embrace our children the way You accept and embrace our children. Our love is truly on trial – can we love those who maybe don’t fit the framework of what we think people should be?  Help us Lord God to see people as people and to love them with the heart and the compassion that Jesus Christ has for us.

Father, we thank you that even that our children and adults with special needs are still be useful in the kingdom.  We thank you Father God that for your word that says train up a child in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it. We pray that their giftings would come forth, in the name of Jesus.

We pray that the body of Christ would recognize that where there is a deficiency You make up the gap in other areas.  Thank you for their superior intelligence and the true gift that they are from you – a gift to this world.  Thank you, Oh God, for their enhanced ability to love us even when Your people don’t show the love of Christ towards them and acceptance towards them. Cover them Lord and shelter them from rejection and fear.

Lord God, in the name of Jesus, encourage and strengthened the hearts and minds of the parents and care givers that are raising children that are having challenges, whatever they may be.  Father we pray that you give them wisdom on how to raise these children that are truly a gift from God .  Give them the wherewithal and whatever is needed to raise your children to bring out the best in these children so that they will be able to fulfill your purpose for their life.

We ask, Lord God, that Your body will see these children with eyes of love, eyes of caring,  eyes of patience and develop us in the fruit of the Spirit.  Help us to examine our own fruit and prune us so that we will bear much more fruit.

Father we abide, remain, habitate in your vine, in the name of Jesus Christ we pray.

Here are some bible verses for autism
(Psalm 139:14) “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know thatprayer for autism full well.”

(Proverbs 22:6) “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”

(Psalm 103:17) “But from everlasting to everlasting the Lord’s love is with those who fear him, and his righteousness with their children’s children”

God Bless You!



94 thoughts on “Prayer for Autism”

  1. Please Pray for my daughter Emma.
    Prayers that she is finally able to Vocally use her words and Calmness 💙
    I’m so happy that I found this page.

  2. My friend is one with a daughter diagnosed with severe autism. Her husband has Asperger’s syndrome-and from what I gather, is not able to provide much emotional support. Her special needs daughter is in her mid 20’s, incontinent, nonverbal and requires 24 hour care. I want to ease the burden of my friend. We met at church in a prayer group. Help me help her.

  3. Please pray for my son who is an adult and in a residential facility. Please pray for protection over him in everything.

  4. pls. pray for my son Mikael Gavin, he is already 1yr. and 3months old, I am seeing signs of autism, pls. pray that when we see doctor, he’d result is normal, thank you your prayers

  5. Please pray for my two sons Karl yrs and Lindsay 5 yrs.they both have delayed speech (Autism) and we have been praying and trying to figure out how best we can help them with the tantrums and crying.God is in control please support us in prayer.We are from Papua New Guinea.God bless!

  6. Please pray for my son Titus. He is almost 5 years old. He is such a sweet boy. I agree in Jesus name for complete healing in his neurology, his brain functioning in the right way.

  7. Please pray my 3 year old baby, Caleb, he is a sweet loving boy on the spectrum, please pray for patience, strength and hope
    God bless

  8. please include my daughter Nadya she is 6 years old non verbal… i am hopeful that one we can have conversations back and forth. that she will know how to regulate herself. amen

    thank you

    1. Please pray for my non- verbal 4year old daughter, Tobi. That God’s very purpose for her will be manifested, Amen.

  9. I pray that Autism be eliminated. God help us when the thief comes to steal the word of God and always provide for us a way out in times of trouble.

  10. Pls pray for my 2 sons. my eldest is 5yr old having delayed development in his speech and does not seem to understand things well. Sometimes we feel it might be autism. and his behavior is at times, not normal. He has temper issues like every time he play from his toys and he cannot make up to what he would like to be, even to the point that what he would like is impossible to do, then he cried uncontrollably.He doesn’t want to eat healthy foods and always like sweets.
    My 2 yr old son is having delayed development as well in his physical progress. until now he cant be able to walk and we did it everything already for him to walk at his stage. we spend much money for his health development progress but still cannot walk. In eating he just swallow and didn’t chew. He also grinding his teeth oftentimes and it sounds creepy. But I didn’t lose hope, i still have faith that God will heal them both in mental and physical. I thank God now for healing breakthrough in Jesus Name. I believed the Holy Spirit is leading me in this prayer site. God Bless your MOP Ministry.

  11. Pls pray for my son Quentin. He has autism and is almost non verbal at 7 years old. He is a sweet and loving boy who loves being cuddled all the time. I always worry about what the future holds for him. I’m hoping that he speaks so he could tell me how his day went in school, what he wants, or what he is feeling. I just really hope that he learns to be more independent and be able to live a normal life in the future. Your prayers will definitely help. In the same way that I’m sending my love and prayers as well to all parents like me who have such beautiful gifts. May God bless us all and protect all our kids.

  12. Please Pray for my son Tyson west 6y & my daughter Dymond west 5y.They both are non verbal.I still haven’t lost faith,because I know with God anything is possible. I pray that one day I can have conversations with my children and make great.memories.I pray that when I tell them that I love them they could one day tell me back.

  13. Dear wonderful ladies of God,

    Today, I bawled as I listened to you pray & empathise with parents like me & children like mine. I felt seen and affirmed that my son is beloved and his condition is not something for us to be ashamed of. Those who look down on us should be the ones ashamed to call themselves Christians. We have been turned away from my son’s Sunday school so we moved to another church. We are a member of a small group still from that church but when we do prayer requests in the chat group, only 1 person – the beautiful godmother of my Son replies. We feel invisible and contagious but we are not. Jesus has come to love the last, the lost & the least.
    When we join fellowships, we refrain from asking specific prayers for our Son – it looks like such a burden on this church family and just say pls pray for Christof. They don’t want to hear specifics. They seem oblivious and we don’t want to “ruin the mood”. On the other hand, they ask for prayers for this person’s colds, fever, etc. I find it really pulls down my faith. We now join them only bec my kids need to fellowship with the other children (I have an older neurotypical one) & also so I can see my 1 good, faith Friend. My heart has gone cold for this church but I still pray alongside and I also don’t dismiss them but just meet them at the level that they can understand us. So if people of God, can be “unseeing, unfeeling”, then what are the fruits of the spirits? Not judging just observing. I am in the sales line and some people who know a bit about my Son- sincerely go out of their way to ask me — how is he?

    That is more heartfelt & much appreciated.
    I sometimes feel like I’m drowning and screaming and I even once humbly asked if they can pray for my Son. Only 2 ladies replied. How do you suppose I should address that?

    Very tempted to move away from them but my daughter is friends with a lot of their kids.

    Thanks for touching a chord I have tried hard to keep deep inside me as it is a very ugly truth. You made me feel such a release. You are all a blessing. I will keep listening to this. You don’t know how much you helped me.
    God bless!

  14. Please please please pray for my 51/2 year old Son Christof. He had vaccine injury and regressed into autism. He is pre-verbal. I am asking everyone I know to pray for him as the prayers of the righteous avails much. I love him so much. He is sweet and loving. Praying for: speech & communication, wisdom, full toilet training, sound sleep at night, for him to eat different foods and continued good behaviour. I know & claim his healing as it’s already been done on the cross by our beloved Jesus. Thank you for all those who will pray for my Son. God bless you all.

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