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Prayer For Healing A Sick Pet

Jul 15, 2015

Prayer For Healing A Sick Pet

Some of you may read this title and think “A prayer for healing a sick pet, really?”


The truth we know that in most countries animals are kept outside of the house.  So I would imagine some of you would not think of praying for a sick pet.  Especially when you think of all the people that you know that need prayer.  I’m hoping that by the time you read this article, you will change your mind about this.

You see, to many people their pet is much like a member of the family.  This is their baby.

I am also convinced that dogs were put on this earth to teach us how to love unconditionally.

The first time someone asked me to pray for their sick dog it did take me by surprise but since I told her I would do it I went with the request to God and asked what was His perspective on praying for a dog or a cat.

These are the thoughts that came to me:

1. If pets weren’t important to God then He never would have commanded Noah to take two of each type and put them on the ark when He was about to destroy the earth with a flood. (Genesis 7:16).  Let’s face it He wouldn’t have created them in the first place!

2. Isaiah 65 which is the picture of the new heaven and the new earth has the wolf and the lamb eating together while lions will eat straw.  Even a snake is mentioned! This is the picture and harmony among all animals on the new earth.

3.  Remember that man was the one that brought sickness and death to the earth through sin.  This means that animals, much like man, was created to live forever.  Even the plant life would live forever because there would be no death. Can you imagine your garden blooming year round and nothing dying? We are the ones responsible for animals getting sick.

4.  Nowhere in the bible does it say that your pet hamster, pigs or pet fish has a soul that needs to be saved. While pets are important to God, they are not to be viewed above humans.  You shouldn’t love your animals more than you love a fellow human being.  We have souls that need to be saved and animals do not. The bible clearly shows us that God puts a greater love on humans and so should you. Matthew 6:26 (NIV) “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?”

5.  Revelation 19 has Jesus coming back on a white horse.  Through this we know that animals are in heaven.

So now that we have established that pets are important to God and that they are in heaven, let’s talk about the process of healing.

Are you wondering: Can prayer heal the sick animal?

Here are some scriptures to consider before praying for your animals

Proverbs 12:10 (NIV) “The righteous care for the needs of their animals,but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.”

Psalm 145:9 (NIV) “The Lord is good to all; He has compassion on all He has made.”

Exodus 23:12 (NIV) “Six days do your work, but on the seventh day do not work, so that your ox and your donkey may rest, and so that the slave born in your household and the foreigner living among you may be refreshed.”

The sabbath rest was not only intended for you but for your animals as well.  Since we have dominion over animals we should be the ones enforcing the rest.

What does the bible say about healing?

Jesus was known in the Bible as the great healer and there are many healing prayer scriptures that you will find speaking of those that he healed. Do you know the story of the woman who had the “issue of blood”? It was her faith that gave her the strength to press on through the crowds until she got to Jesus. She was praying for healing and her faith was so strong that she knew that just by the simple act of touching the hem of his garment she could get that healing that she was praying for. It was the full belief that she had in the healing power of Jesus that caused her to do what she did – in this case she did not even ask! She just touched a piece of Jesus and she was made whole because she believed.

Your sick pet cannot ask either but you know what they need so you can make supplication for them.  Activate your faith and belief in the healing power of Jesus and ask for them.

Can you recall a place in the Bible where Jesus refused to grant the request of a prayer for healing? No, there is no record of that.  Ask God to strengthen your faith so you can believe for healing for your sick animal.

Here is a little prayer for healing your sick pet

Lord I know that I am your child and as such you hold me higher than the angels and the animals that you have created. Even so, pets are all important to you whether it is a dog, cat, lizard, snake, hamster, pig, a fish whatever it may be, you created it. Lord, I thank you for your awesomeness and power, for providing for my every need and the needs of my animal. So, Lord, I come to you now praying for healing for my sick pet, ________. I am in need of your help. You know the exact illness that is afflicting my pet even though he/she cannot speak; I trust your divine guidance in_________life. Help them Lord; deliver _________ from any pain and suffering. Grant ___________ your peace as I place him/her in your capable hands. I ask for healing, I ask for strength, I ask O Lord that your perfect will be accomplish in this pet’s life for your glory, in Jesus name. Amen

If this prayer has blessed you and your animal, please share it with others.

Here are some bible verses about hope

Here is a prayer for hope

Here are some scriptures for encouragement

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  1. Pam
    Please pray for my dog Teddy he is undergoing chemo for large seldom, and now has a urinary tract infection of some sort with blood in his urine he’s gone through so much with the chemo and the cancer please pray for his complete recovery
  2. Tati
    Hi, Please help me pray for my dog Cookie, she is currently on medication to see if it helps her. I am praying to God that the medicine works and she regains mobility of her front legs and her back legs gets stronger. I have faith that our lord Jesus Christ will heal her and the other pets in need of healing. In the powerful name is Jesus Christ I pray Amen.
  3. Yang
    Hi everyone, I would like to ask for your prayers for my furbaby beagle, Milo. He is suffering from autoimmune disease and his chin is bleeding and swelling. He is only one year old. Please include Milo in your prayers. I can't let him go. He is the one who makes the house happy and full of energy. I need him in my life and I want him to live longer. I will also include in my prayers all the sick pets and strays dogs and cats. Thank you all and may God grant us healing for our beloved pets. In Jesus Mighty Name, all sick animals will be healed! Amen.
  4. Carlos
    Please help pray for our cat senorita that she may live long and healthy. She is suffering flu and not eating but I believe in the power of collective prayer. In Jesus name I claim that she and all pets here be healed.
  5. Tammy
    Please pray for my dog Izzy. Not sure what is the problem she suffers from. She possibly has a brain stem lesion or a tumor... the symptoms she has are wobbly gait and difficulty swallowing. She is on medication that suppresses her immune system but it helps lower the inflammation. Her symptoms are getting worse and I cannot give her more of the medication without harming her more in other ways... please pray for her healing with me. I also pray for all pets listed here for their healings too... God bless...
  6. Letty
    Please Jesus. Cure my cat Twinkles
  7. Lily
    I am praying for my Dog Ruby. She's 7 years old and diagnosed with Severe Anemia, they can't figure out what's causing it so she's being treated if it was an infection, Vet said that's the most we can do for her and wait to see if she responds. If not we would have to let her go to avoid any more suffering. I declare the power of God heals her body, all her organs, and her immune systems go back to good working order in the name of Jesus. Please pray with me!
    • Rob Hart
      I will pray for ruby to be healed . our loving God is so awesome. I also have a dog in need of prayer. His name is Elvis. Possible cancer. Prayer works!
  8. Dia
    We just Bought our puppy Sasha 3 weeks ago and she has contracted something. She isn’t holding food down, has diarrhea, and lost her cough. She’s so precious to us already and has brought so much joy to our lives. I’m praying for God to heal her and all of our pets. Since we haven’t been able to have children this especially brings on further discouragement. But God! I will believe the best.
  9. Vi
    I am praying for my dog Lil Cuz to be healed of a problem with her ear I have tried everything that they said and she is still having a problem. I believe that God wants Lil Cuz healed I know God's word said it in his book and it happened them and it is still true today. Please keep her in your prayers she is now 7 years old and weights 7 pounds. She is a little thing but she has kept me okay for all toughs year I have been a diabetic since the age of 9 and always had dogs she has helped me to stay well for her 7 years. Please keep her in your prayers I need her.
    • Dia
      I’m praying for healing for lil cuz
  10. Tresha Mcfadden
    Lord please help our new pet Dumbo we recently adopted her , she has been having problems vomiting after she eats she is also nauseated. She is underweight and is not doing well. She was given medicine to help with nausea but still cant keep food down. I pray for healing over her that whatever she is going through that God heals her. In the name of Jesus
    • Dia
      I’m praying for your puppy
  11. Linda Pacheco
    Hello, I had to let my cat Sunshine go yesterday. He had cancer and after an operation and chemo nothing was helping him. He had his belly distended from the spreading cancer. I reluctantly had to let him go as the advice from vets and everyone was that. I am in agony missing my precious Sunshine and I need assurance that he is in Heaven. The Catholic Church does not teach this with certainty and I am in such agony wishing to know that I will see him again. Is there anyone who can provide some proof that our pets pass into Heaven please ?
    • MOP
      Hi Linda, the proof is in what you just read in this article. Jesus comes riding back on a horse. In heaven, the lion and the lamb lays down together. Our animals are not just disposed of as trash by our Savior when they die. He is loving compassionate and full of grace. He refers to us as the sheep of His pasture. He created the animals so they are very important to Him. They go to Him. Your precious Sunshine is fine and not suffering anymore. If you are a Christian, then you will see Sunshine again one day. If you want to receive Christ as your Savior, we are happy to help you with that. Blessings
  12. Monica
    My Precious Bella is asking for persistent urgent prayers like her mommy (Tootsie). Her Vet diagnosed her Tracheal Collapse. She is taking meds. Hoping with persistent urgent prayers my Bella will be well again. She has an excellent appetite she also has lots of energy. Please help me I'm just a dog but I need persistent urgent prayers just like my mommy (Tootsie). Thank you to MISSIONARIES OF PRAYER ABOUNDING IN THE LOVE OF GOD. My Precious Tootsie is also asking for persistent urgent prayers just like her daughter (Bella) she wants to be healed too. She has had an operation on Nov 20th for a Mass Malignant Tumor this is her second operation for the same problem she also has taken meds. Dec 4th her stitches were removed. Then Feb 4 she will be seeing her Vet to have X rays hoping there will be no sign of any Mass Malignant Tumor in her body and my Tootsie will be free from any serious operation in the future. She has had an excellent appetite and lots of energy before and after she was operated. Please help me I'm just a dog but I need persistent urgent prayers like my daughter (Bella). Thank you to MISSIONARIES OF PRAYER ABOUNDING IN THE LOVE OF GOD.
  13. Elaine Pacheco
    Dear Missionary Prayer Warriors Please pray for my precious little Lakota for a healing. She's 14 years old and suddenly became ill. She survived blastomycosis about 5 years ago and now has a serious infection going on which the veterinarian thinks is due to a pyometra. She's having emergency surgery now. I ask God to bring a blessing of healing unto Lakota and help her get through this surgery. Heavenly Father, I place Lakota in your hands, as your will will be done.
  14. Victoria
    please pray for my sasha she was diagnosed with chronic renal failure. now she's not eating at all she loss so much weight. I don't want her to suffer I'm asking God to work a miracle and heal my dog. please pray with me and for us.
  15. Monica
    My Precious Tootsie is asking for persistent prayers has had an operation on Nov. 20th for a Mass Malignant tumor this is her second operation for the same problem. Dec. 4 th her stitches were removed. Then Feb 4 th she will have X rays hoping there will be no sign of Mass Malignant tumor in her body and my Tootsie will be free from any serious operation in the future. She has had an excellent appetite before and after she was operated. Please help My Precious Tootsie Thank you to MISSIONARIES OF PRAYERS. Monica F. My Precious Bella is asking for persistent prayer she also wants to be healed. Her vet said she might have Tracheal Collapse. Please help my Precious Bella. Thank you MISSIONARIES OF PRAYER.

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