Prophetic Word for 2014

We here at Missionaries of Prayer believe that the Lord does want you to know what He has in store for you in 2014.  God is also 2014 prophetic wordsable to give you the prophesies and direction that you need for your individual life.  Below we have a list of prayers that followed daily will allow the Lord to speak to you on an individual basis.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to get a Word that is just for you from God Himself?  Follow these daily prayers and see what God can reveal to you for 2014

Prayer for Day 1 – Praying for Release from the Past

Prayer for Day 2 – Prayer to Remove Curses

Prayer for Day 3 – Praying for Divine Health, Physical and Spiritual Fitness

Prayer for Day 4 – Praying for Divine Provision and Finances

Prayer for Day 5 – Praying for Divine Relationships and Connections

Prayer for Day 6 – Praying for Divine Direction

Prayer for Day 7 – January 10 – Praying for Determination, Tenacity and Strength

Happy New Year to you!

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