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Revival Fire – A Free Ebook from Wesley L. Duewel

Mar 9, 2011

Revival Fire – A Free Ebook from Wesley L. Duewel

The following a free ebook by Wesley Duewel entitled Revival Fire!  Click Here to Read Revival Firerevival fire

Wesley Duewel is a might man of prayer and intercession and he has written many books and done countless videos on prayer.

Missionaries Of Prayer is a Christian Prayer Ministry that helps people develop a relationship with Jesus Christ. We focus on encouraging people to pray so that their relationship with God grows stronger. We love God, we love all people and we love God's creation.
    Can you send me the link to download Revival Fire for free as promoted at the top of the page? Thank You!
    • MOP
      Hi Jim! Sorry this was posted awhile ago that book is no longer available online for free. However if you go to YouTube there are many sermons from Wesley Duewel on this subject that I am sure will bless you.
  2. Seth
    I need this book
  3. Debbie Shaffer
    Please send free eBook on Revival Fire
    Is the book Revival Fire available in Singapore. Is this free . If not, what is the cost of it. God Bless, Philip
    • admin
      Hi Philip, the book is free and the link is on the blog post where you can access it.
  5. oedgha Anthony
    i just need God intervation over my residnt permit here in Belgium , that will allow me to serve him the more in my life

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