Prayer Discipleship

We are pleased to announce that we will have discipleship classes on prayer.  These classes will cover all aspects of prayer starting from the very beginning and going to an advanced level.  These prayer classes will be hosted in Blog Talk Radio at You can join us for a live session or listen to the classes later.

Many Christians have never been discipled in prayer.  There are very few training classes in prayer.  We listen to a lot of sermons on prayer but have you ever been trained?  These classes are for you.  Don’t assume because you have been a Christian for a long time that you know.  Sometimes we pick up bad habits from others and we don’t have a scriptural foundation for the things we say in prayer.

These classes are unique in that they will be done in a talk show format.  We will have the teaching, we will pray and then you will have the opportunity to ask questions.

These training sessions will be taught by various intercessors, pastors, priests, rabbis, elders and other church leaders.  If there is a topic that you would like to know more about in prayer, please send us an email and we will add it to our schedule.

Upcoming Prayer Classes

Saturday, August 29 at 10AM EST/9AM CST/8AM MST/7AM PST

“The Power of Confession in Prayer” taught by Nicole Haye

Archived Prayer Classes

Prayer 101, Part B – Unanswered Prayers. Co-host is Pastor Floria Washington from Miracle Faith Healing Deliverance Temple in New Orleans, LA. Contact Pastor Washington at

Prayer 101 – What is prayer?  Who is God? What should we pray for?  Where do our prayers go? What is the correct posture for prayer?  How long should we pray? Learn how to pray. Co-host for this show is Brian Williams from

Prayer 101, Part C – How to find the will of God through prayer. Cohost Pastor Job Anbalagan from in Dehli, India